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Maps and Route Descriptions

All participants will receive on arrival a comprehensive pack containing the following:

· A series of detailed maps showing the walking itineraries, with the recommended route highlighted, on a day by day basis;

· A personalised route description to back up the highlighted maps. Apart from detailed directions about the route, it also contains information about points of interest on the way, photos taken in the locality and some useful tips;

· Brochures of places of interest passed on the way;

· (In the case of the Heart of Lakeland only) a voucher providing a free journey on the Keswick Launch on the final day of the tour – a great way to round off a memorable week!

We assume that you will be familiar with mapreading during walks, and that you know how to navigate using a map and compass. However you may not be familiar with the particular style of maps that we use. If you have obtained maps through us, they are produced by Harveys Map Services, a well known British company, and are at a scale of 1:25,000: this means that one centimetre on the map is the equivalent of 250 metres on the ground. The maps are printed on waterproof paper, and the colours should not “run” in the rain. (The route descriptions are not proof against the rain, and you will need to provide a waterproof cover if you have to use them in the rain – waterproof map-carrying cases are readily available at outdoor equipment shops.)

We can arrange a mapreading session at the start of your tour: there is no charge for this, but you would need to request it in advance and arrive at your accommodation in Windermere or Grasmere by early afternoon.

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